GE Healthcare Life Sciences


GE Healthcare Life Sciences building at sunset

We are pleased to have been the studio chosen out of commercial photographers Salt Lake City to photograph the GE Healthcare Life Sciences facility in Logan, Utah.  We got lucky and had an absolutely gorgeous sunset up in Cache valley that evening.  The client was very pleased with the level of quality and professionalism they received from working with Twede Photography. GE has invited us back for another photo shot, next time of the happenings inside their facility. We are pleased to have such a great biomedical client, as we specialize in medical photography. This exterior shot turned out wonderfully and we pride ourselves on the great effort involved to produce a dynamite architectural shot, such as this one. Whether you’re looking for great studio photography Salt Lake City or something on location, we have all the tools and know how to create beautiful photographs that will help boost your company image. Image is everything in the professional world, especially when your business is producing life saving medical products. We are proud to have been trusted by such a wonderful company as GE who has pioneered so many industries and become a household name in the field of biomedical engineering.

New Salt Lake Clinic building

Salt Lake Clinic
The new Salt Lake Clinic Building

When looking for business photography Salt Lake City, look no further than Twede Photography studio. We offer over 35 years of professional photography and advertising experience, and specialize in a variety of areas. One of our specialized skills is architectural photography. Not just anyone can shoot architecture accurately. It takes years of know how along with the proper equipment as well as post-production prowess to make a building shot truly sing! We we’re recently hired to photograph the new Salt Lake Clinic building in downtown Salt Lake City. This newly constructed facility is so beautiful that we knew our shot had to do it the justice it deserves. We figured out the perfect time to photograph the exterior based on its position in concurrence with the sun at various times of the day. We we’re able to find just the right angle, and we think this shot turned out beautifully! For more great building photography, please take a look at our architectural gallery on our website. Next time you need fantastic architectural photography, check out the best Photography studio Salt Lake has to offer, and give us a call. Quotes are always free and pricing is affordable for any budget.

Natural History Museum of Utah

The Natural History Museum of Utah asked us to come document this amazing facility. As this incredible building was being built, I thought that I would like to make some amazing images there someday. That day was July 10th, 2014. The contract was for 15 images, but I couldn’t help but shoot well over 30. This place is amazing! If you’re ever in Salt Lake City with a couple of hours to spare, make your way up to Research park, next to the University of Utah. You’re in for a real treat. I liked the dinosaurs the best. Thanks Patti.

The main entrance to the museum.
Another view from the north end of the building

Sweet old photos of the 49th Street Galleria

49th Street Galleria at dusk

30 years ago today I photographed Utah’s new premier fun center- The 49th Street Galleria. The building has had many purposes since then, but now the next phase of its existence will be to house a new school- the American International School of Utah.

Here is a link to an article about it, complete with some sweet photos I took back in the ’80s:


Dinnertime at the Tale of Two Cities restaurant
Popcorn Girl
Bowling shoes
Birthday Party

Pie are round

I always heard that πr2 in college, but the pies we have been shooting are round. Our friends at Rocky Mountain Pies have been busy coming up with mouth-watering recipes for pies that people love. We create the imagery that will help to sell those delicious pies. Our food stylist Cami really knocked it out of the park, wrangling those gooey, oozy pies into shape. We don’t usually eat what we shoot, but today we made an exception!

A delicious slice of Caramel Apple Pie
Delicious Caramel Apple Pie